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Cat Rescue Christchurch relies on donations from generous people to fund its important work desexing and rescuing stray cats and kittens. Every donation goes towards helping stray cats and kittens. This includes veterinary bills for desexing and medication, and equipment such as trapping cages and large holding crates. Please donate today to help cats in need.

How to Donate to Cat Rescue

You can make a donation to Cat Rescue Christchurch by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

Would you like to become a regular supporter of Cat Rescue? Become a Paw Pal or contribute through Payroll Giving.

CHEQUE: To make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to Cat Rescue and post to:

Cat Rescue Christchurch, PO Box 21 163, Edgeware, Christchurch, 8143

BANK TRANSFER: To make a direct transfer to Cat Rescue’s bank account, the details are:

Cat Rescue, Kiwibank, 38 9006 0009314 00

Reference: Donation

CREDIT CARD: To make a secure credit card donation, use Givealittle (Cat Rescue gets 100% of every donation through Givealittle!):

Or Paypal:

Please note that Paypal takes a percentage fee of your donation. To ensure 100% of your donation goes to the cats, please donate with your credit card through Givealittle.


Thank you for your generous support!


Paw Pals Regular Givers

Paw PalsDonating regularly is one of the most effective ways to help Cat Rescue Christchurch carry out its important work helping stray cats and kittens. With over $100 needed to cover each cat’s veterinary costs, regular income means more cats helped! You’ll become a Paw Pal by contributing $10 or more per month, and you will join our highly valued team of regular givers that ensures Cat Rescue will continue to help cats in need.

Donations to Cat Rescue are tax-deductible. A receipt will be posted to you at the end of the financial year (31st March) for the amount donated that year. If you require receipts prior to this, just let us know.

To become a Paw Pal, set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payment (totalling $10 or more per month) from your bank account to Cat Rescue:

Cat Rescue, Kiwibank, 38 9006 0009314 00

Reference: Your Name and Paw Pals

tabby kitten_thank youThen email us with your name and contact details, so you’ll join our team of super cat supporters.

Thank you from our rescue kitties!


Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a very easy way to donate money to Cat Rescue Christchurch and benefit from that through immediate tax credits that reduce your PAYE payable.

Cat Rescue Christchurch is an approved donee organisation, listed with the IRD as Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust. Just check if your employer offers this scheme, or, suggest they visit the IRD website for employers.

If your employer does offer payroll giving, it is very simple. Give your employer Cat Rescue Christchurch’s details, the amount you would like to donate and the pay period you want the donation to be made. The tax credit for payroll donations is 33 cents for each dollar donated. Once the tax credit has been calculated, your PAYE is reduced by the amount of the tax credit.

The details you’ll need to give to your employer:

Donee organisation: Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust
Bank: Kiwibank
Account Name: Cat Rescue
Account Number: 38 9006 0009314 00

A fantastic example of a company that currently offers this scheme to their employees is Telecom New Zealand. Not only are their employees able to donate to Cat Rescue Christchurch through this scheme, but Telecom themselves also match the donations given to Cat Rescue Christchurch dollar for dollar! Thank you Telecom New Zealand.

For more information, please visit the IRD website.

If you are planning to donate to Cat Rescue Christchurch via Payroll Giving, please email us so we can add your name to our list of generous donors. Email


Sponsor A Cat

To learn how you can sponsor a kitten, one of our cats with special needs, or sponsor a desexing, please click here.


Wish List

Would you like to donate food or equipment for our rescue cats? See our wish list here.


Purchases That Support Cat Rescue

The SureFlap microchip cat door is the answer! The cat door picks up your cat’s microchip numbers and only allows them through the cat door. If you buy the SureFlap cat door and mention Cat Rescue, you will get a $20 discount and some of the profits go to Cat Rescue to help Christchurch’s strays! Purchase online now here. Make sure you enter the discount code “catrescue” to get the discount.