We adopted two kittens almost a year ago now Tinker and Belle! They are the sweetest cats we have ever meet, Belle is extremely outgoing and has a big character and Tink is more cautious but has formed a amazing bond with our daughter. Tinker-Belle are shed cats and love their kitty palace in the shed, but they do like to migrate into the house and snuggle on the bed! We […]

We adopted a lovely kitten early in 2014.  Oreo (previously known as Elvis) is the light of our life, and he is doing so well.  Thanks to Colleen (his fosterer) and Cat Rescue he had a chance in life, and is now a much adored member of our family.  Oreo and Linkin are best buddies and even share Linkin’s dog biscuits together.  When Linkin crunches up his dog biscuits he kindly […]

We are absolutely loving having Bonnie in our lives! She is so cuddly and crazy and keeps us very entertained! She loves cuddling up with Eric our Dalmatian and running around with our other cat, Frank. She is such a delight! Many thanks to Cat Rescue and the lovely foster family who kept her safe and happy until she came to live with us.

I adopted Eve aka Mopsey in late 2012. She is almost 2 years old now and she is an absolute joy! One of the craziest little critters and a very skillful tree climber. She has grown up with our Jack Russell Baz and they both love to chase each other and play ball! I couldn’t thank the Cat Rescue Team enough in helping me adopt Eve!

Mimi has settled in beautifully. She is a dear little cat and has made friends with the poodle and jack russell. My husband and grandchildren think she is wonderful. She sleeps on my bed at night along with the poodle, and purrs constantly. Looks longingly out of the window but will keep her in for another 3 weeks. She is very clean in her habits and her coat is looking good. Thank you […]

Here is another update from Sookie’s adopters: “We wanted to let you know how Sookie is settling in to her forever home. Well we think she decided this was home from the minute she arrived here and she has amazed us ever since with the continual improvements in her health and mobility and she always amuses us with her comical antics and poking her nose into every little thing that […]

Here is a little update on Musetta (Lillie). She is such a super wee girl and we love her to bits, you guys did such an amazing job caring for her and training her – we feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous kitten, and she settled in so well and quickly.   She is very happy in her new home. She loves her little animal toys (we find these […]

These are our verrrrry handsome boys, Teddy and Ninja. They are best friends and brothers. We adopted them in April and they have settled in very well. They LOVE playing outside, playing with each other and their Dad and snuggling up to their Mum on their bed. Ninja had herpes in his eyes but is now sooo much better he is off all his meds as he doesn’t need them […]

Raffa was adopted in January and travelled down to Ashburton to start a new life. He settled in very quickly and found a great playmate in the cat next door, who taught him to climb and sit on top of the fence watching for anything that moved. Now the clothesline pole has the best view!! Thanks Cat Rescue for all the great work you do.

We are coming up having our beautiful wee girl for two years, her name was Ruby when we picked her up, her new name is PussPuss. When we bought her we were actually looking for a grey cat, and I actually came to visit another grey kitten that was in the same house as PussPuss. However, I walked through the door and felt an instant attraction to this wee black […]