Thought you might appreciate these pictures of Bojangles. He loves little balls and chases them all over the house, then he rests on the couch and retires to watch his TV show. He’ll watch animal planet for over 30 minutes and he just loved one about bears. He is a beautiful, extremely affectionate cat and I love him to bits. Thanks for saving him and then letting me have him.

Summer has settled in really well. She rips around the house playing with Louie (cat) though at first she wasn’t too keen on Buddy (dog) but after a couple of days she was not worried at all. It is quite normal for her and Louie to wake the whole household at some ungodly hour of the morning. She has discovered that she can jump from the lounge suite to the […]

Molly is fitting in just fine , very affectionate wee girl and is great with the dogs. Thank you for helping us find the perfect addition to our family!

Here is Alfie in his new realm. I want [his fosterer] to know how happy we all are. He is perfect. Thank you.

We adopted our beautiful Tabitha from Cat Rescue on Boxing day – she has brought so much joy into our home. Honestly we have never met a cat with so much character – she is hilarious! She has also become best of friends with our other rescue cat Tiger (see pic). 

A few months ago we brought home black and white short hair Cat Rescue #1040 named Robyn and thought it time to let you know just how well our little girl is doing. We have renamed her “Ziggy” and she certainly knows and answers to her name when called. She is such a delightful, friendly, trusting, cuddly, playful and adventurous little girl.  She spent her month indoors, so it took […]

Summer has grown into a stunning young girl and brings so much pleasure to us all. Even if she is a little rat bag who loves to climb and sun herself on the decking roof. She has turned into a very loving little girl and loves nothing more than having cuddles. Here’s couple of pics for you just to see how much she has grown.

Yuki is such an out going cat and I am having so much fun with her. I have recently put in a cat door so now she comes and goes when she wants, and can use all her energy up outside. Here are a few photos of Yuki having fun.

Sookie was one very special cat we rescued with a neurological/muscular disorder. After being in our care for a long time, Sookie has found her forever home in Queenstown! Her adopter had this to say: “Sookie is feeling right at home – happy and very playful (see photo). She is a very special lady and is full of love and smooches. Thanks so much Cat Rescue Chch for all your efforts and amazing work.” Aww, thank you Jackie […]

I adopted Ernie from Kelly [fosterer] today! It’s only been a few hours and he is settling in beautifully, and has been giving me heaps of kisses and cuddles, purring constantly, we are so happy to have him. Thank you so much for all your time and effort and the excellent job your organisation does in rescuing and fostering these kittens!