Mimi has settled in beautifully. She is a dear little cat and has made friends with the poodle and jack russell. My husband and grandchildren think she is wonderful. She sleeps on my bed at night along with the poodle, and purrs constantly. Looks longingly out of the window but will keep her in for another 3 weeks. She is very clean in her habits and her coat is looking good. Thank you so much for all your work with her.

Then 5 weeks later…”Mimi has settled in so well. No bother at all, we all love her. She is fine with the pet dogs, any visitors and the grandchildren. She is very clean in her habits and is a real joy to have. Charges around the house like a bullet in the mornings and evenings and loves to play. She does go outside but seems to prefer indoor living. Thank you so much.”

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