Here is a little update on Musetta (Lillie). She is such a super wee girl and we love her to bits, you guys did such an amazing job caring for her and training her – we feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous kitten, and she settled in so well and quickly.


She is very happy in her new home. She loves her little animal toys (we find these all over the house depending on what she’s been up to when she’s inside – we have bets on whether we’ll wake up with a little giraffe or monkey on our pillow!), and especially her tunnel! She is obsessed with that! She sleeps on our bed at night, and is very well behaved. She still loves cuddles, is very purry, and loves to play – she still mews a lot too, especially around food – very very cute!

She answers to her name and I’ve also managed to teach her to sit (which I’m quite proud of) – Alex is teasing me as I have plans to teach her other bits and pieces (having more experience with dogs, I have all sorts of ideas, but Alex says she will certainly go her own way and will not be interested in taking any orders from us!) Lol.

She also has the run of the backyard and enjoys climbing little trees and fossicking about in the overgrown scrub (it’s quite a wild property as the various owners have just let all the trees, plants and creepers overgrow – quite forest-like, so good fun for Musetta). After spending the first month inside she was a little trepidatious at first when we introduced her to the big wide world, but now she gets outside at every opportunity (see pics). Fortunately the landlord has allowed us to pop a cat door in for her (which goes in today) – I am so pleased as she’ll be able to do as she pleases when we’re at work.

Thanks again for taking such good care of our wee girl.

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