We adopted a lovely kitten early in 2014.  Oreo (previously known as Elvis) is the light of our life, and he is doing so well.  Thanks to Colleen (his fosterer) and Cat Rescue he had a chance in life, and is now a much adored member of our family.  Oreo and Linkin are best buddies and even share Linkin’s dog biscuits together.  When Linkin crunches up his dog biscuits he kindly allows Oreo to munch up the cat-sized morsels, while he polishes off the bigger bits.  Linkin’s a gentle soul and patiently waits for Oreo to finish his bits, so he can bring out of his dog bowl the next biscuit they can share.  So sweet! Thank you for bringing Oreo into our life, we so appreciate the amazing work the volunteers do at Cat Rescue.

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