Here is another update from Sookie’s adopters: “We wanted to let you know how Sookie is settling in to her forever home. Well we think she decided this was home from the minute she arrived here and she has amazed us ever since with the continual improvements in her health and mobility and she always amuses us with her comical antics and poking her nose into every little thing that goes on. She is never far from the centre of attention. We call her Super Sookie because she always surprises us with her latest trick from how she can now jump onto the kitchen bench and swinging from the curtains, even jumping out the window and then running back to the door to say let me in!! That will not be happening again now we have latches on the windows. Who would have thought she would improve so much, her eye sight is sharp and she can run like a rabbit. But does still have her quirky walk and wonky legs but you would hardly know otherwise of her troubled past. She loves to come into the garden with us and Piha, under strict supervision and she is always happy to come back inside to her happy place. Piha has accepted her now with caution, but they do sleep close together just no cuddling and the odd swipe to say stay out of my space! Sookie tends to do the stalking and Piha is always on the look out, it’s a great game to them & a lot of chasing up & down the hall! She really has the most delightful personality as she follows us everywhere and loves to give us big smooches, she greets everyone that comes to the door without any fear like no cat I’ve ever known. She must have had really nice supportive carers in her past and maybe never been top cat so she tries super hard to win everyone’s attention.
Her digestive problems are no longer an issue, we monitor her weight and she eats only Purina Indoor cat biscuits as these are low carb.  She has grown even taller and is a really elegant cat, everything about her is unusually long and just a little bit ‘cat in the hat’ to me. Adorable. I am thinking to write a little children’s book about her and her story!
We are all forever grateful that you gave Sookie the best chance and she is an example of how worthwhile all your hard work is.”

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