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Adopting from Cat Rescue Christchurch

GaiusCat Rescue Christchurch asks for an adoption fee for all cats and kittens, which helps to cover the costs that Cat Rescue incurs, for desexing, microchipping, worming, flea treatment and at least their first vaccination. Each cat and kitten also comes with their own collar and ID tag. Every cat and kitten rehomed from Cat Rescue is de-sexed before adoption.

Before adopting a cat, Cat Rescue Christchurch asks a number of questions to ensure it is a suitable home for a cat. Some of the things we will ask about include:

  • • Can you offer the cat a forever home? Cats can potentially live for 15-20 years.
  • • Are you aware of the needs and ongoing costs of caring for a cat? Feeding a cat can be expensive, plus there’s the costs for equipment such as litter trays, toys, bowls, scratch post, carry cage etc. See here for a checklist of items you’ll need for your new furry friend. Veterinary fees can be expensive and your cat should be visiting the vet at least once a year for check-ups and vaccinations. Other health measures include flea treatment and de-worming. There can also be unexpected vet bills when the cat gets sick or injured.
  • • Is the cat for you? Cat Rescue Christchurch will not adopt cats as gifts, unless we can talk to the person who will be caring for the cat and that they will meet the cat before deciding to adopt.
  • • Are you prepared to keep the new cat inside for one month to ensure he/she is fully settled? You will need to have at least the basics when you bring your cat home: litter tray and litter, food and food bowls, toys, scratching post and cat carrier.

See our articles for useful information on caring for your cat:
New cat/kitten checklist
Toilet training your kitten
Integrating your new cat with your resident cat/dog
Microchipping your cat (all Cat Rescue cats and kittens are microchipped before adoption but you must keep your contact details up to date on the NZCAR microchip register).

For a good companion animal directory, see Pet Guide NZ.

Adoption Terms & Conditions

When adopting from Cat Rescue, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

    • I understand that Cat Rescue Christchurch are not responsible for any medical fees incurred after the adoption.
    • I agree to provide a caring and permanent home for my cat or kitten, providing clean and adequate shelter, food, water and veterinary care. I will care for my cat or kitten in a humane and responsible manner and will not abuse or neglect my cat or kitten in any way.
    • I agree to allow Cat Rescue Christchurch to contact me or access my home at any time in the future at a mutually agreeable time to enable Cat Rescue Christchurch to ensure the terms and conditions are followed.
    • I agree to pay Cat Rescue Christchurch the non refundable adoption fee, in full, at or before the time of adoption.
    • I understand that failure to perform any of the above Terms and Conditions constitutes a Breach of Contract.
    • In the event of any Breach of Contract, I authorise Cat Rescue Christchurch to enter my home and reclaim both possession and guardianship of the cat or kitten.

Adoption Fees

We ask for a compulsory adoption fee of $250 for kittens (there is a reduced adoption fee for adult cats), to help cover some of our costs.

All our kittens and cats are:Chester 3

  • Desexed
  • Wormed
  • Flea-treated
  • Vaccinated (at least their first vaccination)
  • Microchipped
  • Toilet trained
  • Vet Checked
  • And they come with their very own collar and identification tag!

Meeting our Cats & Kittens

All our rescue cats and kittens are cared for in foster homes; we do not have a shelter. We like to have our kittens in foster homes so they can get all the attention they deserve. This also ensures they get used to a home environment and means we can often be flexible with viewing times. We can generally arrange a time for you to meet the kitten when it suits you!

We are always looking for more people to help with fostering our rescue cats and kittens before they are ready to go to their forever homes. Fostering can be a rewarding experience and is a good solution for those who’d love to have a cat but cannot make the long-term commitment. Please see here for more information about fostering. 

Adoption Form

You can speed up the adoption process by filling in our online adoption form.