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    Q1 Will it be you taking responsibility for the cat?

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    Q3 Do you know that cats can potentially live for 15-20 years?

    Q4 We only want the cats to go to forever homes, homes where they will be cared for their whole life, which can be 15-20 years. Do you agree to give this cat a forever home?

    Q5 Are you aware of the ongoing costs of caring for a cat?

    Q6 Is it ok to have a cat where you are living?

    Q7 If renting, do you have your landlord's permission to have animals? If you move do you promise to ensure that you can take the cat with you?

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    Q10 Do all members of the household know about and are happy to have a new animal?

    Q11 Do you agree to keep your new cat inside for at least a month before letting them outside?

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