Barn Cat Program

barn cat

We have healthy, spayed and neutered cats in desperate need of new outdoor homes! These cats are unsocial to humans and are best suited to live on a farm, horse stable, or other suitable outdoor location.

Veterinarian care has been given to all our barn cats to ensure they are healthy and desexed before arriving at their new home. Your responsibility will be to provide daily food and water, protection from the elements. They will repay you with keeping your pest population down.

After a short period of secure confinement, the cats will learn this is their new barn home and will help keep rodents away.

You will enjoy watching the cats and have the satisfaction of giving them a much needed home. You’ll need to have your own property or have permission for long-term placement of animals on the property you rent. Best of all, this is a free service! But as we are a non profit charity, any donation is much appreciated. We will assist you while the cats settle into their new home.

Please help us save these special cats!

If you would like to be part of our barn cat program please contact us.