New Cat/Kitten Checklist

Congratulations on adopting a cat or kitten from Cat Rescue Christchurch!

Create a Cozy Cat Home

Help your new kitty settle in to his/her forever home. Create a safe environment that supports healthy growth and stimulates their playful, curious nature. We recommend you are prepared with the following items before you bring home your new furry family member:

  • • Food and water bowls
  • • Good quality food – appropriate for your cat/kitten
  • • Litter box
  • • Cat litter
  • • Slotted scoop
  • • Bed and bedding
  • • Carry cage
  • • Scratching post
  • • Toys, e.g. wiggle wands, feather toys, balls, shoe lace (not string as it can be chewed off and ingested)
  • • Kitten treats for dental health and training rewards
  • • Grooming tools — brush, comb and nail clippers
  • • Cat nip (dried in toys or fresh) – optional but your cat will love you for it!

Caring for Your Cat/Kitten

Commit to being a responsible cat carer. Caring for cats can be a great way to teach lessons to children, but remember, the responsibility ultimately lies on your shoulders.

kitten with toysTiming: Adopt a kitten when you know you can schedule more time at home and have the patience to handle her occasional mishaps and misbehavior.

Investment: Caring for a cat requires a financial investment — from the initial adoption fees to ongoing food, pet insurance, vaccinations, vet fees, cattery costs when you are away, and incidental costs.

Tasks: Daily duties include feeding, refreshing water, training, cleaning up, cuddling and play. Weekly activities include thorough grooming (daily for long-haired cats). Periodic responsibilities include vaccination boosters and health checkups.