Success Stories

Over the years we’ve re-homed many furry friends, and as always, we love to hear stories about how they’re doing. If you would like to be on this page, please send your story to



Knuckles aka ‘Breezy’

This is our super dooper handsome mancat Knuckles! Originally known as “Breezy” and adopted from foster mum Ange, we’ve now had Knuckles for two years and he’s awesome! Thanx Cat Rescue for the hard work you guys do 🙂



Jerry likes having lap cuddles and likes to sit on the playhouse roof or the cat tree next to the window, in order to survey what is happening!
He is a big hussy and is also trying to become a brown cat..always rolling in the dry mud (see pic)! : )



Georgie is so cute and kittenish, He really likes being outside on the benches (see pic) , watching the chooks and playing with grass. He likes to join in communal cuddles and likes to have his head and cheeks rubbed.



Henry has certainly made himself at home in his new forever home! We were sent some lovely photos of him all around the house here is one of them for our website. To see more please see our facebook page.


Minny aka ‘Coco’

I just wanted to email and say thank you as my partner and I adopted Coco a couple of weeks ago. We have renamed her Minny. I just thought you guys might like to know that she has settled in perfectly and we love her heaps! She is such a lovely wee kitten. She has so much energy and is so fun to play with, but she also loves cuddles too! She is so well behaved and sleeps on the end of our bed every night! The work you guys do is so amazing and I know that Minny is the way she is
because of all the hard work Danielle put in! Photo by Jo Howson



“Ruby is all settled in at her new home … thanks cat rescue!”


Mickey aka ‘Molly’

Mickey (was Molly) has transitioned nicely into her new home.  Myself and my 7 year old absolutely adores her, and she has quickly become very content and settled here … she is a real sweetie, and becoming bolder by the hour!  Full of purrs and play now!

Mickey is really coming into herself now and is so playful and loving. Her fosterer did such a good job with toilet training – we haven’t had one accident!

We truly feel very lucky with our wee Mickey and my son is very proud to tell people that she is a ‘rescue’ kitten.


Alfie was one of a litter of five kittens who were the very first kittens rescued by Cat Rescue Christchurch back in 2006! Him and his mum and four litter mates were abandoned in New Brighton and were living in someone’s garage.

Alfie was called Tonka at the time and found a loving home with Donna, Cat Rescue volunteer. Donna says that Alfie settled in very quickly to life at her house. It took him some time to pluck up the confidence to venture outside, and once he did, he discovered the garden – one of his favourite spots!

He enjoyed playing with Donna’s other rescue cat Rupert – they would chase each other and pounce when one wasn’t looking. Donna says that they were so happy together even though they weren’t brothers or even related!

“Alfie is quiet and affectionate but needs to know what’s going on. He seems to enjoy bringing me special gifts from outside such as mice (2 and a half), birds, grasshoppers (yes that was all in one day and on my birthday!!) and lets me know by a small sharp meow that he has a treat to contribute to the larder with! He likes to hang out with me in the garden or in the garage. He’s a big softie with a great appetite”, says Donna.


Frankie aka ‘Franklin’

Frankie is doing great in his new home. He’s currently residing with 4 other rescue cats, one which he has become fast, best friends with. He spends his days lying in the sun, eating to his hearts content and making mischief around the house when his human flatmate isn’t home to catch him.


Jack aka ‘Sox’

Jack is obviously living it up with Wayne and Leigh in Brighton. Jack was adopted just after the Feb quake.



Holly was adopted in April, and has since settled in very well with her new family –

“We love her so much, she sleeps on or sometimes IN our bed every night and each day when we get home from work we are greeted by the familiar ‘tinkle, tinkle, tinkle’ of the bell on her collar. Thanks for helping us find the most special cat in the world 🙂

From, Nicola, Rob and Holly meow”


Charles aka ‘Tiny’

Charles (aka Tiny) who is also known in our house as Colonel Cat. He likes to patrol the front drive and is always waiting to greet us at the letterbox when we arrive home. For the first couple of months he was very unsure of things here, but now he has learnt to trust us and to realize that this is really his home for good. And now he follows us everywhere. He’ll bat us with his paw as we pass him if he wants attention. I can give him big cuddles now. And he always announces when he comes inside by meowing at the top of his voice. He gets on really well with Screech, our most timid female cat, so they have strangely become pals. He has a habit of coming to sit on a knee just when we’ve decided it’s time to go to bed, so whoever he sits on has to wait up for an extra while for Charlie’s benefit.

We think he’s LOVELY!



Myrtle (the turtle) went from timid to super smoochy. Her adopters say “We adore her, so thank you again for all the work you guys do. It certainly made a difference to our lives and to Myrtle’s!” Aww, it’s this sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile 🙂



Petra is doing really well and has completely settled in. She and Eli (previously adopted cat from Cat Rescue Christchurch) seemed to have reached a mutual acceptance and she now has the run of the house and is eyeing the garden thoughtfully. She’s tremendous fun and we are so glad we chose her. She’s a constant source of entertainment and loves ambushing us or climbing up our legs!



Tinker was adopted April 2011. She was super shy when we got her but since then she’s been terrorizing everyone in the house including our other Cat Rescue cat Walter. She loves napping on my lap, tearing up the curtains (really, they’re shredded now) and wrestling her twice-as-large brother Walter.


Eevee is about 9 months old now and he’s an absolute gorgeous looking kitty. Everyone comments on how beautiful he is! We have trained him to keep off the kitchen bench and tables-though sometimes he’s still a cheeky wee bum and will put his paw up on the table when he thinks I’m not looking lol.
This weekend he will be getting a new house to explore as his mum and dad are finally moving! We will be getting him his aids vaccinations and I’m sure he will LOVE being able to go outside once they are done and chase the birds that he’s only been able to meow at so far =)


Rosie aka ‘Tink’

We adopted Tink (now Rosie) from you at the end of March 2011.  She is nearly a year old now and is definitely a well loved member of our family. She is a delightful wee girl and so cuddly and loving.  She still has her kitten traits and loves to get into all sorts of mischief.  Rosie and our other cat Ruby (who is four months older) are best buddies.  Thanks again for allowing us to have one of your gorgeous kittens.


Tuppence aka ‘Peach’

I adopted Peach (now Tuppence) from you at the end of March. She was rescued after the earthquake and now lives with me in Wellington. As you can see, she has grown into a very happy and healthy little girl (although I am still trying to train her out of biting!).

Thanks so much from me and Tuppence.


Pickle aka ‘Bella’

Bella sounds like she is getting all the love and attention she deserves! Her mum wanted to send us photos to show how beautiful she is! We could not agree more. She also said to us “Thank you for saving her she is just the best” We are so happy for Bella to have such a lovely new home.


Mini has settled in really well and full of personality. She likes to sit up on our shoulders while we’re going about doing things and loves being around people. I was a little worried about how she would be around our dog but they’re fine and she thinks his tail is something to play with and uses him as a landing pad when she’s running around jumping from couch to couch if he’s in the way. She’s full of energy and loves to pay but she also likes to snuggle up with you as well.



“This is our boy Sammy, we adopted him from Cat Rescue last year 2011. He was a super shy wee ball off fluff who has grown into a handsome, snuggly, lazy, smoochy blob. He’s the bee’s knees.”

Jojo aka ‘Sooty’

My family and I gave Jojo (now Sooty) her forever home about six months ago. She is the best. And has fitted in so well. I just love watching her play with our two small dogs and the way she jumps over them and on them. She is just one of the family. We love her to bits. Thank you guys so much, you do a great job. Merry Christmas to you all.


Sage aka ‘Cougar’

Cougar is an incredibly loving wee girl who loves crawling up on your chest to get as close to your face as possible, purring like a tractor.  She comes when you whistle and loves sitting in the bench playing with the bubbles and supervising the dishwashing.  She loves her big brother Dudley (my 15 year old cat).  She tries to sleep in his bed with him.  Helps him bath himself and generally thinks he’s the bee’s knees. Cougar was ‘Sage’ is the short haired cat Milly was ‘Fern’ is the long haired and the large long haired cat is Dudley.


Fern aka ‘Milly’

Milly is a bundle of energy. When she purrs she sounds like a pigeon.  She loves the rain and playing the mud. She’s a wee chatter box who announces her arrival at the top of her lungs whenever she enters a room. Milly was ‘Fern’ long hair Cougar was ‘Sage’ short hair.



“We picked Trixy up yesterday and brought her home to meet the gang. She was very shy at first…. now 24 hours later, we all know who wears the pants! 🙂 We love Trixy and feel very privileged that she chose us to share her life with. Here in the photo, Trixy has finally ventured out to the lounge to check out the Christmas tree and dogs 🙂

Thanks Cat Rescue, keep up the great work xxx”


Artemis aka ‘Isabella’

Just letting you know Artemis now ‘Isabella’ is loving living with us. I’m so glad we could have such an awesome cat. We adopted her November 2011. Thank you guys so much for doing what you do. Keep it up 🙂


Gingie aka ‘Milo’

“Hi! 🙂 This is Milo. Milo is now 2 years old and I adopted him early 2010. He now lives in Wellington with me and I wanted to share this pic with you guys because…. its super cute! hehe. I definitely have a special little friend 🙂 Thanks Jess for introducing him to me!



“Hi there, here is Sebastian who we adopted 2 weeks ago. He is the most wonderful kitten! He settled in from day 1 and is such a good boy.”



Hello this is my lovely girl Lena who i got in 2010 from you. Here is a photo of us cuddling, she is the smoochiest loveable cat I could ever ask for, I am lucky to have her. Thank you so much.


Benny aka ‘Leopold’

This is Leopold now Benny! He has settled in and likes a long nana nap in the afternoon. He is quite keen to get out and meet the chickens up close.