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Cats are loving companions who are affectionate and loyal family members for both young and old. Unfortunately, too many kittens are born then abandoned at shelters or on the street. This is your chance to help make a difference by providing for these stray cats and kittens in your Will and giving them a chance at a new life.

What is a bequest?
A bequest can be a sum of money, possessions, or items of property left to another person, group or charity in your Will.

Why should I leave something to Cat Rescue?
Leaving a bequest to the Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust is a hands on way to support the stray cats and kittens by giving them a chance in life.
It is an opportunity to achieve some good beyond your lifetime and give something back to the cats and kittens you love, so many of which are homeless, lonely and in need of a second chance.

How much should I give?
Cat Rescue Christchurch is a non-profit charity which survives on the generous support, donations, sponsorship and bequests from people like yourself.
It is entirely up to you to determine what you feel would be an appropriate contribution. No matter how large or small, any contribution is very much appreciated.

How will my bequest be used?
Although our services are provided by volunteers, there are many ongoing expenses associated with running our charity including:
*Veterinary expenses for health care and desexing (our largest expense)
*Cat and kitten food
*Rescue cages, holding cages and other equipment
*Publicity and raising public awareness

Every day we work to keep up with the never ending stray cat population. We need more resources so we can make a greater impact in the effort to control the problem. Any contribution you make will play a critical role in the rescue, health care and desexing of needy stray cats.

Making a bequest
If you decide to make a bequest to the Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust it is important to record that wish in your Will.

Suggested format
To those benevolent people who may wish to become benefactors by Will to the Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust, the following form is respectfully suggested:
I (full name) _____________________ bequeath to the Cat Rescue Christchurch Charitable Trust the following percentage/dollars of my estate (in words): _____________________________ and/or the following gift of assets or property: _____________________________ to be free of all duties payable at my death, and the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Association shall be sufficient discharge for such legacy.


Let Cat Rescue Christchurch know if you have arranged a bequest, so we can thank you personally (although we understand if you prefer to remain anonymous). We would also like to recognise your gift by providing you with regular updates on our vital work helping the stray cats of Christchurch.

Thank you for considering Cat Rescue Christchurch in your will. Your generosity will be kept confidential.

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