Wish List


Wish List

Can you help Cat Rescue by donating one or more of the following items? If you have an item to donate, please post it to our P.O. Box if it is small, or contact us to arrange drop-off.


Kitty Litter – we go through a huge amount of kitty litter. All types are welcome but we especially prefer pellet fuel (wood pellets) that can be bought cheaply from Mitre 10 for around $8 per bag.




kitten food

Wet kitten food (pouches or cans), preferably better quality brands such as Chef or Whiskas.




Purina kitten dryDry kitten food preferably better quality brands like Purina One, Royal Canin, Excellence or Kitten Chow, to help feed our rescue kittens in foster care.






singlesWet adult food – single pouches are ideal to feed our TNR cats while they are recovering from desexing surgery.






Fishy food to attract unsocial cats into our cage traps for rescuing/desexing! seafood basket
Home Brand canned food is our favourite (cats can’t resist it!) and Seafood Basket, Chunky Pilchards and Chunky Sardines are the best flavours.





Collars 2

Cat collars – only ones with the elastic safety bit or safety clip please.





Kitchen/Electronic Scales for our fosterers to weigh our kittens before desexing.






Large collapsible cages for socialising kittens and pregnant strays.






Cat traps for catching stray cats and kittens for rescuing/desexing. The cats we help are not friendly enough to be picked up so must be caught in a cage trap!




petrolPetrol Vouchers are always welcome for all the driving jobs our volunteers do, including rescue missions, “cat taxi” (transporting cats to and from the vet) and much more!




not act

Sponsor a Desexing! Each cat desexed makes the world of difference. You can sponsor a desexing for a $100 donation!




Pill cutter

Pill Cutters to help our fosterers for when we may have to medicate cats and kittens.






Flea Treatments – please only vet brand flea treatments such as Revolution, Front Line, Advantage, Advocate etc.




Soap powder

Washing Powder – at Cat Rescue we use a lot of sheets and towels for our TNR cats so we need to do a lot of washing! We’d appreciate any top-loading washing powder.






Worming Pills – for our many kittens and cats we rescue every season. Vet brands only please; Drontal tablets are preferred.




Food Drive

food donationWe are organising a food drive to help feed our many rescue cats and kittens. Can you help by donating cat food? Most needed is wet kitten food, kitten biscuits, fishy food for catching cats (Homebrand canned fishy food please), and single pouches of adult wet food for our TNR cats.

You could put up a sign on the notice board at work, school or social group to collect some kitten food for us! Please click here to download our poster: Food Drive Poster