Feedback for Cat Rescue Christchurch

Here are some comments from people we’ve helped with stray cats, adopters of our cats/kittens, volunteers, businesses and supporters. For more updates and photos on our rescue cats in their new homes, please see our Success Stories.

We always love hearing feedback on our work, so please tell us what you think.


Reggie, now a friendly house cat

Thanks so much Cat Rescue Christchurch for your invaluable support and advice over the past year or so with Reggie the “feral” cat. I contacted Cat Rescue through their website and received a call from Emma the Rescue Coordinator the following day. Emma showed me how to set and position the traps and also recommended Vetcall who deals with their strays, in no time we had caught Reggie! The advice from Emma has been instrumental in successfully making Reggie a happy and friendly cat and without Cat Rescue we believe this would not have been possible.
-David and Pieta, and Reginald Spitfire (a.k.a. Reggie)


I was recently involved in the rescue of three stray cats who were living in the central city across the road from where I work. At that time I had vaguely heard of Cat Rescue but was not fully aware about how they worked. I was so impressed by what I have seen happen to the cats and think Cat Rescue do such an amazing job saving these poor homeless cats. Keep up the good work.


Musetta in her new home

Musetta (was Lillie) is such a super wee girl and we love her to bits, you guys did such an amazing job caring for her and training her – we feel very lucky to have such a gorgeous kitten, and she settled in so well and quickly. Thanks again for taking such good care of our wee girl.
-Kath & Alex


I was introduced to Cat Rescue by Flat Man, who suggested that they needed more support. I took myself along to a meeting, and immediately put my hand up to write up the minutes at the meetings. Over a period of time I went on to organise the collections, ably assisted by Donna who tees the supermarkets and shops up. I also feed cats at Vetcall one night a week, do some washing periodically, bake for stalls and do other bits and pieces. I don’t want to be involved in hands on cat rescue or care but I love the fact that I am doing something to help cats. I love all animals but have always had cats and can’t bear to think of them in strife. The team at Cat Rescue are awesome – a dedicated team of willing volunteers. I take my hat off to them.


Cat Rescue Christchurch is a valuable organisation that is doing a tremendous job with cats. We would love to support you.
-Jennifer Chappell, Nestlé Purina PetCare



Sookie is settling in amazingly well. She is a very special lady full of love and smooches even after her big day out. Thanks so much Cat Rescue Christchurch for all your efforts and amazing work.


The team at Vetcall anaesthetising a Cat Rescue cat for desexing
The team at Vetcall anaesthetising a Cat Rescue cat for desexing


Over the last seven years the Vetcall team have developed a special relationship with Cat Rescue Christchurch. Cat Rescue Christchurch plays an essential and valuable role in the management and welfare of the local stray cat population and we are proud to be associated with the great work that they do.
-The Vetcall Animal Hospital team


Excellent job done by Emma [Rescue Coordinator]. Much appreciated.
B W & R D Wood


To Emma [Rescue Coordinator], her helpers, and the Cat Rescue team: We would like to thank you all so much for helping with the Mum cat, Dad cat and kittens. It was such a relief to have your support and understanding over this difficult situation. You girls were just lovely and we do appreciate all that you did. Keep up the good work.
-Sonya & Doreen


Just wondering if you got on okay with the three kittens. The mother cat is still around and loves to play around with my cat. She has healed well and is looking good. We were so very pleased with your assistance.
-Allene & Vicki


Our Rescue Coordinator Emma

During the last three years some of the staff at my workplace have been concerned about the welfare of three stray unsociable cats, particularly a little black female cat, who had been about as a kitten and by early August last was firing up for her third litter since her first about a year ago! In July 2013 I contacted Cat Rescue Christchurch to ask for help, to trap, neuter and return the cats. I was very impressed with their support particularly that of Emma their Rescue Coordinator, who brought out traps to set and patiently kept in contact throughout the whole procedure until the project was completed. Now we can relax knowing that at least these cats are now neutered, have been prevented from multiplying and can now be fed and watered without too much cost to us and them. Eventually these cats may find forever homes too, with staff, like two of the kittens of the little black mother cat. Together we were able to pool together the money to assist with the covering the cats spaying and neutering. This was accepted as a donation. This is a charitable organisation worthy of its cause, for support and funding to carry on the good work.


WinksI have been a fosterer for Cat Rescue for a few years now and find it a fun and fulfilling experience. I get to take new kittens into my home, teach them to enjoy human company, and see them flourish in personality and health as they are removed from the “wild” and into a healthy environment of warmth, good food and any medical care that they need. Seeing them go on to new homes when they are ready is both a happy and sad time. It is sad to see them go but I love knowing that they are moving on to homes that will love and care for them, and I then have space to take on more kittens that need my help.


We have enjoyed all the kittens we have fostered over the last three seasons. Most of them are quite anti-social at first and to see the change after just a few days when they accept you and start to play, cuddle and have fun is really satisfying. Of course, when they are adopted we miss them very much but we know they are going to a good home and all the adopters have been lovely people. It’s very rewarding looking after these kittens and Cat Rescue back-up is excellent and help is there when needed.


_MG_6089Thank you very much for your help in trapping the wild cat living in our barn so that she could be desexed. She is doing very well now, she comes close to us, within a few metres, but is still very wild and frightened. Still she has a warm place to sleep, food and water…plus she helps keep the vermin down in the barn. We really appreciated the loan of the trap as well as all the advice.
-Susan & John


Thank you for your help in getting my stray tomcat neutered last week. Being able to have a trapping cage to catch him and then an available vet to take him to was most helpful. Great to know that Cat Rescue exists and thanks for great work by the volunteers


BatmanI’m writing in support of Cat Rescue Christchurch whom I adopted a kitten from. The initial warm, friendly impression from the website carried right through all stages of the adoption and beyond. I liked that the organisation put the welfare of the kittens and cats uppermost in the adoption process by talking to potential adopters first. I was impressed by how well the kittens are raised, cared for, and socialised. It is a major undertaking to set up an organisation that relies on volunteers to look after the cats and kittens in the transition to their ‘forever homes’, but it has an incredibly positive impact on the developing nature of the kitten. My own kitten adjusted and settled in immediately, has become the most loving and affectionate cat, and has never once gone to the toilet where she shouldn’t! The adoption fee I paid was such a small price to pay to be able to pick up the kitten already desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, and trained to have a collar. I was also really happy that my kitten was microchipped and registered on the database. I had never seen an organisation (or pet shop for that matter) that ensured all the boxes were ticked for the health and wellbeing of the animal, and for peace of mind for the new caregiver. The entire adoption experience has been extremely positive and I recommend Cat Rescue to anyone I hear looking to adopt. The organisation does a fantastic job putting the welfare of cats first, without losing sight of the humans in the process.


This is to say how awesome the Cat Rescue volunteers are. We had a cat give birth in our back yard, she was timid and her babies were even worse, but I wanted to try and tame them and give them a second chance at a decent home with a family that would take care of them. Many of the agencies I contacted were very busy and I was growing concerned because the mother cat was no longer bringing them around for food. But when I approached Cat Rescue they were more than helpful. All I needed was the cats caught but they came out, caught them and desexed them and returned the cats to me. I am now working to tame them. Without their help I would not have been able to attempt what I am doing. A huge thankyou.


I wanted to write and say a huge thank you from the heart for the wonderful work you do down there in Christchurch. I found you on Facebook and follow your posts with great interest. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to volunteer as I live in Kapiti (North Island) and work here in the Capital. However, I can at least offer you words of encouragement as I have every respect for organisations such as yours who tirelessly give of their time with limited resources to help animals in need. You are doing such a wonderful job and I can’t praise you enough for the wonderful work you do. Keep it up and I hope the locals support you wholeheartedly in your endeavours.
-Annette (and massive purrs from Garfield my cat!)


PussPuss in her new home

We are coming up having our beautiful wee girl for two years, her name was Ruby when we picked her up, her new name is PussPuss. You guys do such a wonderful job rehoming and desexing cats! It is important that animals are looked after and cherished and you make sure that they are. Thank you for introducing me to our cutie PussPuss, she really makes our lives that bit more loving!


Firstly may I give you a huge thank you for all your fantastic help. You will never ever know how much we appreciate your help. The volunteers who came out were incredible & very friendly. It’s a great thought to know that we won’t end up with hundreds of cats.


I adopted Ernie from Kelly [fosterer] today! It’s only been a few hours and he is settling in beautifully, and has been giving me heaps of kisses and cuddles, purring constantly, we are so happy to have him. Thank you so much for all your time and effort and the excellent job your organisation does in rescuing and fostering these kittens!


_MG_6063Yay to Cat Rescue Christchurch to the rescue! Have been trying to sort a population of strays for over a couple of years now. Cat Rescue has trapped and de-sexed 8 adults (in only one week) and trapped another four kittens which I’ve been able to take home and are cleaning up nicely. What an amazing task. Cat Rescue is really doing great work. Thanks to Emma [Rescue Coordinator] and the crew, I’m so grateful.


I just wanted to say what a wonderful job Cat Rescue does. I have a small baby now and can’t donate like I used to, but I enjoy receiving your newsletters and meeting minutes. I hope to start donating money again soon, as I really value a group who support the right of homeless animals to live. I congratulate you on the open and transparent nature of your organisation. Where the money is spent is clear for everyone to see in your meeting minutes and it gives the confidence that the money is well spent. Good on you all. Keep up the fantastic work.


Minnie in her new home
Minnie in her new home

I just wanted to email and say thank you as my partner and I adopted Coco a couple of weeks ago. We have renamed her Minny. I just thought you guys might like to know that she has settled in perfectly and we love her heaps! She is such a lovely wee kitten. The work you guys do is so amazing and I know that Minny is the way she is because of all the hard work Danielle [fosterer] put in!
-Rachael and Mikae