Stray Cat Assistance Form

Cat Rescue Christchurch offers a desexing service for people who are feeding unsocial stray cats through our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programme. We also take on kittens under 8 weeks to socialise and rehome.

In exchange for our services we ask for a donation to help with the veterinary costs of desexing and treating stray cats.

We only have very limited vet space for desexings, as well as limited resources to do trappings. Sometimes some jobs will have to be prioritised over others. Please be patient and the more you can help us the more we can help you.

If you need assistance please fill in the form below. Please read our Stray Cat Assistance page before filling out the form. Please note that we are a small team of people who are mostly working as volunteers – only fill in the form once you have read the information on the Stray Cat Assistance page.

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    Have you checked to make sure they are not someone's companion cats?
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    Regarding the kittens 8 weeks old or younger, how old are they? How long ago did you first see them?
    See here to estimate a kitten's age.

    Are you prepared to make a donation to help with veterinary costs?

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    If you'd like to upload a photo(s) of the stray cats/kittens, you can do so here: