Stray Cat Overpopulation


Too many cats are being born then dropped, unwanted, at a shelter or abandoned to fend for themselves.

Most of these cats are killed in shelters for lack of people to adopt them. Cats and kittens left to fend for themselves will go on to to produce more unwanted kittens if they are not desexed.

The key to stopping this cycle is to desex every single cat, male or female, stray or companion cat. The other main problem is that many irresponsible people are abandoning their cats for someone else to sort out the problem.

Cat Rescue Christchurch encourages all cats and kittens to be desexed before being adopted from shelters, rescue organisations, pet shops, breeders and individuals. Kittens can be safely desexed from as young as 8 weeks of age or 800 grams in weight.

Don't delay desex today

Fewer kittens born means fewer cats and kittens killed in shelters. You can help stop the cycle of needless killing by desexing all cats in your care (including strays you are feeding) before they breed.