Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Links


What is TNR?

An excellent summary of what TNR is and why it is effective can be found on the Neighborhood Cats Website. This is a TNR advocacy group based in New York City USA.


Helping Community Catsevery life matters
An excellent video about TNR by American charity Alley Cat Allies. While it is about a TNR program in the US, it explains the reasoning behind TNR and how it works.

Common Sense for Cats
A good visual explanation as to why TNR is the best approach to help outdoor cats, from Alley Cat Allies.

Trap Neuter Return Resource Centre
An excellent source of information, from Alley Cat Allies, about trap neuter return, including information on the case for TNR, research studies on TNR, and why ‘catch and kill’ doesn’t work.

Veterinary Resource Centre
A fantastic resource on topics such as stray cat health and TNR, for both the veterinary community and the general public, from Alley Cat Allies.  

A Report on Trap/Alter/Release Programs
This article by Karen Johnson of the National Pet Alliance looks at how trap/alter/release (another name for TNR) in San Diego by the Feral Cat Coaltion has decreased the number of cats euthanised by animal control.

Biology & Behaviour of the Cat
What cats really eat, the vacuum effect and why TNR is the answer for cats and for wildlife. This is another great article by Alley Cat Allies.

TNR & Animal Controlspay a stray
An article discussing how TNR is more humane and cheaper than the traditional method of ‘catch and kill’ used by animal control agencies. “TNR has proved to be the most effective solution to reducing complaints, improving public health and safety, lowering costs and increasing lifesaving”.